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“Soul is Creativity…” – Ashley Thomas

Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana the traditional and unique city quickly became Ashley’s muse. The city of New Orleans expresses to the rest of the world authenticity, artistry, and soul. This creative gumbo stirred up Ashley L. Thomas. Attending McDonogh 35 Sr. High in Treme, the city proved to be a constant reminder that she was a part of a bigger masterpiece.

Ashley made a decision to attend Xavier University where she would study Mass Communications with a minor in Art. Simultaneously studying all aspects of communication and art, she began to do exactly that. She would communicate her artistry to the masses. Throughout her college years she would work closely with Communication Department creating promotional marketing for multiple campus activities. Shortly after her commencement from Xavier University the next chapter would come.

Ashley went on to work for Citadel Broadcasting (now Cumulus Broadcasting) in New Orleans as the Producer and Creative Designer. In these roles she would facilitate numerous of projects which included company branding of billboards, flyers, letterheads, and station logos.

Her work with Citadel caught the interest of Signs Now, one of New Orleans leading design studios. At Signs Now she developed her design skills as one of their graphic designers. She would embarked upon some of the biggest design assignments of her career which would include banners, billboards, and lighted artwork which can be seen throughout the city and also at New Orleans International Airport.

Ashley also has over ten years of photography experience. Currently she is the owner of Creative Vibe Graphics and AshleyLorraine Photography.

“Soul is creativity, so long live the art, so long live the soul” – Ashley Thomas