AshleyLorraine Photography | Black Men in America

Black Men In America by Ashley Lorraine Photography
A Photo Journey Capturing The Exploration and Frustration of Black Men

Black Men in America is a body of work that explores the challenges of Black Men in America by utilizing the American Flag as a conduit.
More often than not, the portrayal of the Black Man is shown in a negative connotation. Be it in the news, television programming, or in general; the images of our Black Men are steadily being tainted, with disturbing and heartbreaking presentations.

Often we question “Why”

Black Men In America is a showcase of “How Black Men Feel” which is a question that is rarely or hardly ever asked.

This photo series attempts to answer some of these questions. This artistic interpretation paints the burden and crosses that black men carry as they fight to overcome negative portrayals.

This photo series illuminates light & love amidst the trying times of society.
Black Men In America Showcases:
  1. The Vulnerable Black Man
  2. The Misunderstood Black Man
  3. The Angered Black Man
  4. The Hopeful Black Man
  5. The Dreams of a Black Man
  6. The Strength of a Black Man
  7. The Power of a Black Man
  8. The Love of a Black Man